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Swedroe: Vanguard Debunks Dividend Myth

A recent study from Vanguard doesn’t support commonly held beliefs about benefits of dividend investing. Analysis

New ETFs Veer From Vanilla

New twists to standard offerings and more niche themes come to market.

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BlackRock Transfers 50 ETFs To Bats, Nasdaq

The funds are delisting from the NYSE Arca to list on the other two exchanges. Analysis

Old-School Smart Beta ETFs Worth A Look

Some of the earlier smart-beta funds have a lot to recommend them.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Explaining The Low Vol Anomaly

A new book breaks down the reasons behind the low-volatility anomaly.

ETF Report

How Investors Are Using Smart Beta ETFs

You may be surprised by what we learned. Analysis

Smart Beta ETFs Tilt Target Date Funds

Asset allocation seeing more multifactor approaches using ETFs.

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How Volatility Weighted ETFs Work

VictoryShares is innovating in smart beta with a different way of approaching markets.