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Swedroe: Low Vol Advantage Not What You’d Expect

Turns out it may be more about just avoiding high volatility than seeking low volatility.

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 Smart Beta Corner

Not all factor ETFs are created equal. What you need to know about investing in factor-based products.

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Single Factor Focus: Ranking The Top 'Low Volatility' ETFs

With almost a dozen to choose from, investors have plenty of options when it comes to low-volatility ETFs.

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Single Factor Focus: Ranking The Top ‘Value’ ETFs

If the value factor is poised to outperform, these five funds offer different takes—and returns—on the segment.

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3 Cool Online Investment Tools

These easy-to-use fintech wonders belong in every ETF investor’s toolkit.

ETF Strategist Corner

Best Of 2016: How To Build A Well Rounded Smart Beta Portfolio

First rule of thumb is to keep it simple and understand the factors you’re using.

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 Midyear Report: Risk-Off ETFs Attracting Assets

Gold and minimum-volatility funds pulled in billions of dollars year-to-date.

ETF Strategist Corner

4 Rules To Evaluate Smart Beta ETFs

The old rules for picking mutual funds do not apply to the growing—and complex—segment of strategic-beta ETFs.