Mutual Funds ETF Overview

Mutual funds are professionally managed pools of money. The term is commonly applied to regulated open-end funds sold to the general public. In the United States, mutual funds are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. Mutual funds may be open-end funds, closed-end funds or unit investment trusts. The price of a mutual fund is set at the end of each trading day, based on the underlying securities of the fund (as opposed to ETFs, which trade throughout the day). Mutual fund expenses include commissions, redemption fees and operational fees.

Daily ETF Watch

Franklin Plans Mutual-Fund-To-ETF Conversions

The issuer will convert two of its mutual funds into ETFs. 

Daily ETF Watch

PGIM Adds Mutual Fund Twin To ETF Lineup

The new fund has the same strategy and management team as an existing PGIM mutual fund.

Daily ETF Watch

New Issuer Debuts 2 Active ETFs

Princeton Fund Advisors is dipping its toes into the ETF market.

Features and News

Why 'NUGO' Has Gained $200M Every Day

TIAA-CREF is moving mutual fund assets into a brand new, nontransparent ETF.

Bitcoin & Crypto

The Plumbing Behind GBTC's ETF Bid

BNY Mellon’s Ben Slavin on the asset servicer's plans as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust eyes conversion to a $40 billion ETF.

Daily ETF Watch

JP Morgan Debuts Income ETF

The new fund shares the same strategies as a long-running mutual fund. Analysis

Big Asset Avalanche Coming To ETFs

Mutual funds converting to ETFs is starting to snowball down the mountain.

ETF Watch

Cannabis Mutual Fund Converts To ETF

The $3.9 million CANIX mutual fund is now trading as BUDX.

Daily ETF Watch

Dimensional Converts 2 More Funds

The two ETFs are tax managed like the previous mutual-fund-to-ETF conversions.