Mutual Funds ETF Overview

Mutual funds are professionally managed pools of money. The term is commonly applied to regulated open-end funds sold to the general public. In the United States, mutual funds are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. Mutual funds may be open-end funds, closed-end funds or unit investment trusts. The price of a mutual fund is set at the end of each trading day, based on the underlying securities of the fund (as opposed to ETFs, which trade throughout the day). Mutual fund expenses include commissions, redemption fees and operational fees.

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Why Mutual Fund Companies Are Entering the ETF Industry

Brandon Clark, senior vice president, director of ETF business at Federated Hermes, talks about the promise of active ETFs, and why mutual fund companies are entering the ETF industry.  

ETF Report

 SEC’s ETF Scrutiny Extends to Conversions, Single Stock Funds

Wall Street watchdog eying mutual fund transitions, volatility and derivatives products.

Daily ETF Watch

AllianceBernstein Seeks First Mutual Fund Conversion

Asset manager also plans four active ETFs, expects to more than double its lineup by year’s end.

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Vanguard ETFs Chosen for Proxy Vote Test

Biggest mutual fund provider running test to let clients weigh in on shareholder matters.

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Schwab 4Q ETF Assets Shrunk Amid Pivot to Cash

The issuer’s ETFs fell 6% to $1.5 trillion under management.

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ETF Conversions’ Pitfalls Eyed

As more mutual funds relaunch as exchange-traded funds, experts weigh the downside.

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ETF Industry’s $1T Mutual Fund Grab

Conversions into exchange-traded funds ready to soar in the next decade.

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The ETF Industry’s Perception Issue

Survey finds 30% of investors buy the funds, possibly due to lingering misconceptions.

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ETFs Win as Active Managers Poised for ‘Worst Year’ on Record

Exchange-traded funds on target for the second-best year of inflows to date.