Mutual Funds ETF Overview

Mutual funds are professionally managed pools of money. The term is commonly applied to regulated open-end funds sold to the general public. In the United States, mutual funds are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. Mutual funds may be open-end funds, closed-end funds or unit investment trusts. The price of a mutual fund is set at the end of each trading day, based on the underlying securities of the fund (as opposed to ETFs, which trade throughout the day). Mutual fund expenses include commissions, redemption fees and operational fees.

Daily ETF Watch

Harbor Converts $148M Income Mutual Fund To ETF

It’s the eighth completed conversion this year.

Daily ETF Watch

Dimensional Completing Largest Mutual Fund To ETF Conversion

The active manager is set to bring $7.8 billion worth of assets into the ETF wrapper.

Daily ETF Watch

JPMorgan Starts Converting $938M Mutual Fund To ETF

It’s the second conversion in a quartet of mutual funds changing wrappers.

Daily ETF Watch

Dimensional Plans 4 ESG ETFs

The issuer will offer four sustainability-focused funds that look to be echoes of some of its existing mutual funds.

Daily ETF Watch

Dimensional Debuts 4 More ETFs

The quartet continues the firm’s pattern of offering mutual fund strategies as ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

2 Income-Focused Mutual Funds Convert To ETFs

The funds hold nearly $29 million in assets.

Daily ETF Watch

Dimensional Adds 3 ETFs

The new ETFs follow the same strategies as three of the firm’s mutual funds with $31.2 billion.

Daily ETF Watch

Capital Group Makes Its ETF Debut

The $2.6 trillion asset manager giant is launching six ETFs Thursday.

Features and News

$26.5M Mutual Fund Converts To ETF

The Convergence Long/Short Equity Fund is the first conversion in 2022.