Choose The Right Payout ETF

With the equity market plunging this month and interest rates so low, it’s no wonder investors are piling into dividend ETFs to supplement their incomes.

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Year-To-Date ETF Performance - The Best And The Worst

BRIC countries outperformed, while home construction and financials lagged.

Features and News

The Harsh Light Of Day

A look at how the market-beating, fundamental, timeliness, dividend and other specialty ETFs performed when the market crumbled.

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 PowerShares' ETF avalanche

PowerShares, the innovative Wheaton, Ill-based company that was the first ETF provider to bring the ETF industry one step closer to actively managed ETFs, has filed for 31 (count 'em) new ETFs including 10 RAFI-branded ETFs, 16 Intellidexes, and five stand-alones.

ETF Report

 The Search For Income

Dividends are one corner of the ETF universe where investor enthusiasm is matching managers' product development.

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Indexing Developments

It's Official: S&P's New Style Indexes Go Live

S&P finalized the transition to its new generation of style indexes on December 19, casting off the old S&P/Barra indexes in favor of the new S&P / Citigroup benchmarks. The new indexes use a more complicated methodology to divide stocks into the two style camps of growth and value: Whereas the old indexes looked only at the price/book ratio, the new indexes use seven variables.

Journal Of Indexes

Around the World of ETFs

14 New iShares For The U.K.

iShares UK  launched a major expansion of its  ETF franchise in November. The firm announced a three-week rollout of 14 new ETFs, covering everything from and emerging markets to dividends real estate and inflation-protected bonds. The new funds will double the number of iShares ETFs on the market in the U.K.