NASDAQ US Broad Dividend Achievers Index ETF Overview

With 1 ETF traded in the U.S. markets, NASDAQ US Broad Dividend Achievers Index ETF gathers total assets under management of $641.69M. The average expense ratio is 0.53%. NASDAQ US Broad Dividend Achievers Index ETF can be found in the following asset class:

  • Equity

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Simply SPDRs

State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) has dropped the streetTRACKS brand name from its family of ETFs, and will consolidate all of its funds under the catchier "SPDRs" moniker.

The rebranding was to begin January 8, and is to be completed in stages throughout the year.

This is the second major rebranding of an ETF fund family in the past year, following Vanguard's decision to give up the unfortunate "VIPERS" moniker and call its ETFs, simply, "Vanguard ETFs."