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Yield Opportunities Abound In Muni Bond ETFs

Often-overlooked segment of the fixed-income market can help with your yield hunt.

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These ETFs Hold Puerto Rico Bonds

Index rules dictate inclusion of bonds headed for default. Analysis

Rebooting Robo Advisors’ ETF Selection

A robotic focus on expense ratios costs more than you think.

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ETF Watch: Compass EMP Debuts First ETFs

ETF newcomer Compass EMP rolls out its first ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Bitcoin Fund Gets Name

The proposed cryptocurrency ETF edges closer to launch. Analysis

ETFs And A Calif. Muni Storm

California’s massive deficit problem may have caught politicians by surprise, but ETF investors needn’t be caught so flat-footed.

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Capitalist Cop: Signs Of The Apocalypse?

Deep thoughts about ETFs—some real, one imagined.

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Muni Madness: Yields Still Fat & Bargains Abound

Muni funds have a lot of appealing features right now for income-minded investors. And economists believe the muni rally might not be finished yet.  

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Study: Do Bond ETF Creations & Redemptions Work?

The study found that discount/premium levels were greatest compared to NAV in direct proportion to the level of corporate bonds held.