5 Most-Needed Niche ETFs

From sub-Saharan Africa to Eastern Europe, untapped markets still exist.

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Russia, The US & Natural Gas

Will natural gas from the U.S. make it to Europe some day? Analysis

Matt Hougan’s Top 3 ETF Picks For 2014

Hougan’s top picks for 2014 are as varied as they are interesting.

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Global X Debuts First Mongolia, Nigeria ETFs

Global X Funds kicked off April with the rollout of two frontier-market-focused ETFs targeting the markets of Nigeria, Mongolia and Central Asia.

The Global X Nigeria Index ETF (NYSE Arca: NGE) focuses exclusively on the most populous country in Africa. The fund tracks a 25-stock Solactive index designed by Frankfurt-based Structured Solutions AG. It comes with an annual expense ratio of 0.68 percent.

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Hougan: My Favorite 2013 ETF Is SRLN

In a year when DXJ has stolen all the headlines, IU's Hougan's favorite new ETF of all is SRLN.

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Global X Launches Nigeria, Mongolia ETFs

The fund sponsor wins the race to launch products focused on Nigeria and Mongolia.