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2010 ETF Fund Flows: Vanguard Leads All Firms

Vanguard tops BlackRock on fund flows for the first time ever, as ETF assets end the year above $1 trillion.

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Global X Debuts First Aluminum Equities ETF

Global X rolls out the world’s first pure aluminum equities ETF.

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 New Global X ETF Tracks Uranium

In early November, Global X rolled out the first U.S.-listed ETF to focus on uranium, bringing to five the number of metals ETFs on the market.

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McCall’s Call: Gulf Spill Creates Opportunity

The growing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has spilled into energy ETFs, but investors should see opportunity, as the
and global appetite for energy means the whole sector is quickly becoming a value play.

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ETFs At Center Of Nuclear Renaissance

With oil prices on the rise again and concern about climate change mounting, ETFs are emerging as the "it" security in what could be a new nuclear age.

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Investing In Obama With ETFs

moves markets with its policy initiatives. Here’s how to be on the right side of the Obama trade.

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Slicing & Dicing Sectors Into Themes

A new type of ETF is becoming popular, offering alternatives to traditional sector funds in targeting different types of companies.