Options ETF Overview

Options are financial contracts that give their buyer the right to buy or sell a stock at a predetermined price. Options are also known as derivatives, as their prices are a function of their underlying instruments.

According to exchange figures, ETFs now account for about 70% of all equity option volume. More people trade options on ETFs than they trade options on individual stocks. Options are used by investors to not only hedge a portfolio but to speculate on future price movements.

Daily ETF Watch

TrueShares Nov. Defined Outcome ETF Debuts

TrueMark Investments rolls out its fifth defined outcome ETF. 

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First Trust Debuts October Buffer ETFs

The issuer moves closer to completing its lineup of defined outcome ETFs.

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Innovator Debuts ‘Stacker’ ETFs

The funds capture multiple upside streams of returns, but only one downside stream. 

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Halfway Covered Nasdaq-100 ETF Debuts

The new funds join Global X's family of covered call strategies. 

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TrueMark Adds To Defined Outcome ETF Lineup

The new fund is scheduled to reset on Sept. 1, 2021. 

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New ETFs Offer Buffered Bond Exposure

Innovator adds another twist to its defined outcome lineup.

Features and News

Meet The New Active ETF Managers

A look at who’s running some of the actively managed ETFs that have recently come to market.

Daily ETF Watch

Competing Laddered Buffer ETFs Debut

Two issuers bring laddering strategies to the defined outcome space with ETFs of ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

TrueMark Debuts 2nd Defined Outcome ETF

Newest competitor in the space expands lineup.