Social Media ETF Delusions

With all the talk about another tech bubble, no one is asking the most important question of all: How much of these companies will even be available to invest in?

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Global X Drafts Social Media ETF

Is Global X’s plan to hatch a social media ETF shrewd, or just plain insane? Analysis

Niche ETFs May Not Be Doomed

It surprises me how esoteric some funds are these days. But the success of some of these niche sector funds surprises me too.

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First Trust’s Anderson: Time For ‘Cloud’ ETF

Investor interest has a lot to do with First Trust’s launch of a cloud computing ETF.

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First Trust Rolls Out Cloud Computing ETF

First Trust launches niche fund focused on cloud computing.

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Vanguard Cuts Fees On 6 ETFs
Vanguard Group announced in late February that it had cut the price of the Vanguard MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSE Arca: VWO) by 18 percent. It also slashed expense ratios on five other ETFs, saying the cuts reflect greater efficiencies in the way it runs the funds.

VWO now costs 0.22 percent—compared with 0.27 percent previously—making it the cheapest broad-market emerging markets ETF.

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Illinois-Based Millington Wants To Offer ETFs

A little-known Illinois firm seeks to join the world of ETFs, with plans for a frontier-ish equity fund.