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 Bold Strategic Beta In Bond Land

Strategic beta bond funds offer everyday investors increasingly precise tools, but you need to know how they work.

ETF Strategist Corner

High Yield Debt: 2014’s Tale Of 2 Halves

The high-yield debt market looked great at the start of this year.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: FlexShares Plans Bond Fund

FlexShares seeks to enter still-uncharted niche in fixed-income ETFs.

ETF Strategist Corner

Parish: Waiting For Smart-Beta Bond ETFs

In all the hoopla about ‘smart beta,’ bond funds have largely been left out—for now.

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Toroso's Venuto: Pick Smart-Beta ETFs Wisely

Toroso Investment’s Mike Venuto says smart-beta ETFs are great tools, but it all hinges on the market environment.

ETF Strategist Corner

Clark: Credit Trumps Duration In Bonds

Despite taper-related yield jitters, a number of bond ETFs stand out from the crowd. Analysis

Matt Hougan’s ‘Top 5’ ETF Picks For 2013

What's a die-hard indexer to do in 2013 with the portion of his principal devoted to speculative picks?