Reaves ETF Overview

With 1 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets, Reaves ETFs gather total assets under management of $23.55M. The average expense ratio is 0.49%. Reaves ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Equity

Features and News

Lagging REIT & Utility ETFs At Crossroad

Weighed down by rising interest rates, real estate and utilities are two of the worst-performing sectors this year. Is this a buying opportunity?

Features and News

Active Outperforms In Utilities

There’s more to utilities than the price of power; Reaves Asset Management uses that fact to capture alpha in the space.

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Quirky Working In These Active ETFs

Active sector ETFs promise a better mousetrap—and many have delivered. But what's really behind the outperformance? 

Features and News

Population Growth Exposure Key To Utility ETFs

Issuer of active utility ETF says many index-based funds stuck in the Rust Belt.

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3 Active ETFs With Potential To Outperform

Actively managed ETFs have struggled to gain traction, but these three ETFs show promise.

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Why Utilities Is The Top Performing Sector

Analyst shares his views on the No. 1 stock market sector of 2016.

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 The New Field Of Sector ETFs

New products include multifactor ETFs and sector-avoidance strategies.

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New ETF Brands

This directory provides a comprehensive list of all the new players in the ETF space and their operations.