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 Amvescap buys PowerShares

It has been one of the more interesting questions rattling around the ETF industry for some time.

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Powershares To Launch Eight Sector Funds

The rapidly expanding ETF outfit sets its sights on the sector market. Is it stretching itself too thin?

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Two's Company

The iShares COMEX Gold Trust ETF made its long-awaited debut on January 28 under the ticker symbol "IAU." IAU is the second gold ETF to hit the market in the United States, following the spectacular debut of the streetTracks Gold Trust (GLD) in November. That fund has amassed more than $2.3 billion since its launch.

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 Seven PowerShares trade as well as options

When PowerShares Capital Management launched its first two ETFs on the American Stock Exchange two years ago, there was nothing like it in the ETF world And there still isn’t.

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PowerShares Nabs Venture Financing; Seven New Funds on Tap for March

PowerShares and their maverick line of ETFs continue to make headway both in assets, and now in V.C. financing. Loaded structure has still not been approved by SEC.