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Friday Hot Reads: 2016 A Vintage Year For Bitcoin

Is Schwab Intelligent Advisory a threat to independent financial advisors?

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Vanguard’s Rampulla On The New Active Mgmt

Active management will not go away, it will just keep getting cheaper.

ETF.com Analysis

Hougan: Index Investing Growth Won’t Help Active Managers Outperform

There is a growing meme in the investing world that the rise of indexing as a force in the market will meet a self-fulfilling doom.

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Trump Throws New Fiduciary Rule Into Question

Delay in implementation could easily happen.

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Dept. Of Labor Answers Questions About Fiduciary Rule

The department has issued its first FAQ to clarify what’s at stake under the new regulation.

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Challenges ETF Issuers Face In Fee Based RIA World

A changing advisory business poses new challenges for wealth managers.

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Retirement Investing’s Next Big Phase

Target-date funds may only be step one in the evolution of retirement investing thanks to stricter regulation and technology breakthroughs.

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Ric Edelman: Financial Advisor Pain Is Investors' Gain

While being a financial advisor has never been more difficult or competitive, times have never been better to be an investor.