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Live Chat: ETF Flows & Market Action

Dave Nadig answers readers' ETF questions in real time. Here's the transcript.

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Tues. Hot Reads: Death Of Index Investing?

Plus, a useful infographic on how blockchain could change everything.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly Flows Nearly $10B As Stocks Hit Records

Record highs in the U.S. stock market gave investors confidence to buy U.S. equity ETFs.

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ETF Of The Week: Semiconductor Fund Sizzles

Even in the face of trade war woes, VanEck's semiconductor ETF sees strong asset growth.

Weekly ETF Flows

Fixed Income ETFs Lead Weekly Inflows

ETFs like 'LQD' and 'HYG' saw interest during the latest week.

Daily Hot Reads

Thurs. Hot Reads: Fidelity 1st To Offer No-Fee Funds

Also, study finds no link between ETFs and your junk bond drama.

Weekly ETF Flows

New Japan ETF Still Hot, Now Over $1.5B

Positive earnings and trade developments encouraged investors to add money to U.S. equity ETFs.

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Most Shorted ETFs Of 2018

Traders are betting these ETFs will fall.