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Claymore Shuts Shipping ETF ‘SEA’

Claymore has shuttered its shipping ETF 'SEA,' but not for lack of assets. It couldn’t get enough shareholders to vote on a change in investment adviser, and it’s already filed to launch another shipping fund using the same name.

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Claymore Launches Broad Equity ETFs With Wilshire

Can Claymore move outside of niche products and capture the core of the market?

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Slicing & Dicing Sectors Into Themes

A new type of ETF is becoming popular, offering alternatives to traditional sector funds in targeting different types of companies.

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 Are Thematic ETFs Right For You?

Specialty-sector ETFs—also called “thematic” ETFs—have emerged as a major force in the ETF industry.

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Claymore Planning To Open Active Commodity ETFs

Claymore plans to use Delta Global as its subadviser to manage three new active ETFs.  

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First Airlines ETF In U.S. Takes Flight

Although gaining first-market-mover status, FAA will have to fly against some more-established and diversified transportation ETFs.