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 iShares Debuts Commodity-Stock ETFs

In early February, iShares launched five separate equities focused on commodities.

The five funds and their expense ratios are:

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 Precious Metals Or Precious Miners?

If you've watched the roller coaster of gold prices, you might be a bit queasy. And if that upset stomach made you think about returning to the world of equities through gold miners, you wouldn't be alone. Precious metals mining ETFs now hold $12.4 billion in AUM. But what exactly are you getting with this not-quite-gold exposure?

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Dion's Thursday ETF Winners And Losers

Various factors led to a few surprises and disappointments in the ETF world on Thursday, with some funds seeing jumps of up to 2 percent, while others fell by nearly 5 percent, according to an article on The Street.

Street contributor Don Dion reflected on the best- and worst-performing ETF of Thursday.

Those highlighted in the winning category and their daily returns include:

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E-Trade Rolls Out Free ETF Trading Program

E-Trade jumps into the world of free ETF trades, but interestingly, with little fanfare. Analysis

Sprott’s Silver Call To Arms

Anytime Eric Sprott or anyone with a vested interest in a specific asset opines about that asset, his or her words should be taken with a grain of salt.