ETF Report

 In the Aftermath of a Crisis, ETFs Explode

When the markets reopened on Monday, September 17, after a four-day closure, ETFs plummeted, mirroring as they so accurately do the returns of the market.

ETF Report

 Actively Managed ETFs: Is there an Audience?

As the exchange-traded fund community awaits the Security and Exchange Commission’s concept release about actively managed products, fund manufacturers and investment managers continue to debate these products’ relative merits.

ETF Report

 High praise for the Amex

“What the exchange did was nothing short of amazing”

ETF Report

 Activity on Regional US Exchanges

While much has been made of the launch of the Cubes (ticker: QQQ), Spider (ticker:SPY) and Diamonds (ticker: DIA) on the New York Stock Exchange, some of the country’s smaller exchanges are also positioning themselves to take a bite out of what are the biggest slices in the ETF cake.

ETF Report

 ETFs Pass Ultimate Stress Test

Exchange-traded funds are a relatively young investment, with most having become available within the last three years.

ETF Report

 The world’s first synthetic ETFs

At the end of May 2001, Barclays Global Investors Canada Ltd launched the first ETF that invests in futures—not in stocks.

ETF Report

 EXCHANGE-TRADED FUNDS Week ending September 21 2001

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.

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Passive Investing Trends

Chasing Returns Or Investing On Merit?