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Passive Momentum Asset Allocation

Markets are all about upward and downward momentum. The author tries to capture this in an index he has designed.

Journal Of Indexes

Exchange-Traded Funds Corner

Journal Of Indexes

The Inside Scoop

What's really going on in the index industry? A behind-the-scenes look at who´s doing what, with-or to- whom, and for what.

Journal Of Indexes

Microsector Index Futures

Sitting somewhere between stocks and an indexes, microsector futures can be used to manage portolio transitions.

Journal Of Indexes

iShares Select Dividend & TIPS Begin Trading On NYSE

The first dividend-focused iShare was launched on the New York Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones Select Dividend Index Fund (ticke r: DVY) becomes the first of its kind. The fund consists of 50 of the highest-dividend U.S. companies, and comes at a time of turbulent markets when companies that actually pay dividends have become attractive to many investors. The fund hopes to capitalize on the U.S. tax code changes regarding dividends.

Journal Of Indexes

Around The World Of ETFs

Journal Of Indexes

Morningstar And BGI Link Up For New ETFs

Barclays Global Investors said it has inked a deal with Morningstar to license the Chicago stock and fund tracker's 16 style-based indexes.

BGI filed a prospectus for nine iShares Morningstar exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with the SEC.

With expense ratios ranging from 0.20%-0.30%, the funds listed in the filing are designed to track the nine Morningstar indexes for large-, mid- and small-cap growth, value and core style boxes.

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More 'Quasi-Active' Indexes from the Amex

The American Stock Exchange rolls out six more 'intelligent' indexes . . . corresponding ETFs to follow.