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PowerShares Landmark ETF Filing

PowerShares has filed with the SEC for 25 new ETFs, potentially signaling a revolutionary shift in how ETFs are distributed.

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The Active Index Strategist

In latest installment, The Strategist takes a hard look at fixed-income ETFs, and also some broad stock index ETFs.

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Weekly ETF Assets/Volume Wrap

Data for week ending July 9 -- spreadsheets galore.

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Morningstar Hits Big Board With Style

The long-awaited iShares based on the Morningstar style box metholdology debuted with a Big Board bell ringing.

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ETF Short Interest Drops from High March 2004 Levels

Compared to ordinary equity short volumes, ETF have phenomenally high short interest for a variety of hedging and speculative reasons. What the latest drop in short interest may mean...

ETF Report

 Gray Zone

The opportunities - and problems of single stock futures contracts.

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Taiwan Set For Full MSCI Inclusion

Taiwan is set for a large flow of index and speculative cash, as MSCI has announced that it will be moving the Taiwain market to full inclusion in its global indexes.

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Bogle Critical of Latest Indexing Trends

Index Investing pioneer John Bogle laments the speculative shift of index products & says the trend is harmful to investors