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Hot Reads: Factor Funds See Extreme Quarter

Also, mutual fund owners brace for tax hit from gains distribution.


ETF Working Lunch: Direct Indexing Vs. Model Portfolios

Joining us is Shana Sissel, CIO of Spotlight Asset Group.

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Strong Flows Into iShares ESG Bond ETFs

2020's big flows line up with BlackRock's commitment to ESG back in January.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Momentum & Growth Outperforming

Plus, a look at whether or not the stock market is overvalued.

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Leveraged & Inverse ETN Extinction

Why ETNs with a leverage factor have been uniquely exposed to closure risk in 2020.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Gold In Record Rally

Plus, a top technology ETF is dethroned.

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2 Investing Ideas Going Forward

As the second half of the year starts, it’s prime time to look at your allocation.

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Insurers Buy Bond ETFs Before Fed

Use of exchange-traded funds continues to grow for insurance firms.