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Vice-Heavy ‘BAD’ ETF Debuts

The index fund goes all in on alcohol, gambling and drugs.

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What’s Next For ETFs?

Experts throughout the ETF ecosystem share their thoughts on what lies ahead for ETFs.

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Looking Back At ETFs In 2021

Themes and trends that stood out to experts throughout the ETF ecosystem.

Daily ETF Watch

Goldman Debuts 'ActiveBeta' ESG ETF

‘GPAL’ aims to halve the carbon intensity footprint of a standard large cap index.

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JP Morgan Debuts 2nd ESG ETF

‘TEMP’ is the asset management giant’s active climate-focused ETF.

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What’s The ESG ETF Solution?

Is engagement or divestment the better strategy for ESG ETFs and indices?

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Direct Indexing Gains Momentum

Direct indexing is set to be the next big thing in investing as asset managers snap up related firms.

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Is ESG Doomed?

More emphasis on the ‘S’ is needed.