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 Pick Your Poison – The Alternative Alternatives

As prices at the gas pump keep spiraling upward, so does the amount of money being pumped into alternative energy companies.

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Exchange-Traded Funds Corner

Exchange-Traded Funds Corner
Largest New ETFs Sorted By Total Net Assets In $US Millions
Covers ETFs launched since 2/29/2008
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ETF Data Geeks Dream Table II

In writing my blog, I've put together some very interesting data about the actual size, revenue-wise, of the U.S. ETF industry.

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The Long Road: Indexing Cuts Costs In Separate Accounts

Building tailored indexes from scratch can boost after-tax returns and spread risks around more concentrated holdings.

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Portfolio Review: Commodities Dip Seen As Good Time To Buy

Advisor also bullish on currencies and emerging markets while awaiting U.S. stocks to show stronger signs of a rally. Analysis

Not All Is Green In ETF Land

No matter what you call it—clean technologies or alternative energy—ETFs are flocking to the market. Apparently, so are venture capitalists. Analysis

How I Really Invest My Money

You raise some good points about my portfolio, Jim, although I (surprise, surprise) disagree with many of them.

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DFA Plans Additions To Fund Lineup

DFA filing includes international and domestic sustainability funds and a selectively hedged global fixed income fund.