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Best Performing ETFs 2Q 2021

The top performers have gained 50-281% in the first half of the year.

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Hot Reads: SEC Reviews ESG Fund Standards

Plus, Elizabeth Warren asks the SEC to make up its mind on crypto regs.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: ESG ETFs Not So Green?

Plus, Visa’s crypto cards used for $1 billion in transactions in first half of 2021.

Features and News

ESG Evolution In Full Swing

Change Finance’s ESG Asset Allocation Trends Report highlights some interesting trends in the space.

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Hot Reads: SEC Commissioner On Bitcoin ETF

Plus, a study suggests ESG fund outperformance will wane as the segment matures.

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ETF Odds & Ends: iShares’ Mini Gold Fund

In addition to launches, there were a significant number of closures and changes to existing ETFs. 

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Hot Reads: Robinhood Hit With $70M In Fines

Plus, OPEC+ may be opening up the oil taps soon.

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Hot Reads: Largest Dividend ETF Getting New Index

Plus, ESG-related themes dominate investor searches.