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SEC Charges Wahed Invest With Misleading Clients

Regulators allege the roboadvisor moved $13 million in assets to ‘HLAL’ without proper notice.

Daily ETF Watch

Goldman Sachs Debuts Clean Energy ETF

‘GCLN’ is Goldman’s take on passive clean energy stocks, and its third ESG fund.

Daily ETF Watch

iShares Debuts Paris-Aligned ESG ETF

The new fund aims to have half the carbon footprint of a broad mid- and large cap index.

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Are Climate ETFs Based On Empty Promises?

New analysis show gap between actions and words, leaving some climate ETFs overexposed.

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Hot Reads: Bond Investors Look To China

Plus, a look at companies that thrived in the early part of the pandemic and where they are now. 

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ARK Faithful Hold Firm—Mostly

Year-to-date, 'ARKK' still has inflows, but the other ETFs in ARK’s suite have shed assets.

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Engine No. 1 Launches Climate ETF

The fund takes a different stance than other climate-focused ETFs on the market.

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ETFs Most Exposed To Netflix’s Epic Sell-Off

These are the funds most exposed to Thursday’s panic sale.