Did Germany Just Bring Sexy Back To Green ETFs?

On Monday, Germany made headlines by announcing it will shutter all its nuclear reactors by 2022. But is it a game-changer for renewable energy?

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 Global X Rolls Out Waste Management Fund

Global X recently launched an equities ETF that’s focused on companies in waste management industries, again bringing it into competition with New York-based Van Eck.

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Global X Rolls Out Waste Management ETF

Global X rolls out another niche strategy that competes with Van Eck, this one focused on trash.

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 Is It Getting Easier To Be Green Again?

Renewable energy ETFs were all the hype in the summer of 2008; crude oil prices topped $140 a barrel and investors searched for alternatives. The hype didn’t last, however. Crude prices crashed to the mid-$30s during the financial crisis later that year. The two largest green energy ETFs at the time, the PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy ETF (NYSE Arca: PBW) and the Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF (NYSE Arca: GEX), both plummeted over 70 percent in share price. PBW’s assets under management (AUM) also fell, from $1.5 billion to under $500 million, while GEX’s AUM fell from $300 million to under $32 million.

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 Is A Smart Phone ETF Silly?

First Trust’s plans outlined in a recent filing to market an ETF that would track smart-phone-related companies bring back into focus a basic question: Is an investment vehicle this specific in its focus genius or folly?

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Claymore Launches Micro-Cap ETF

Claymore continues its strategic move to broaden its product line.

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McCall’s Call: Gulf Spill Creates Opportunity

The growing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has spilled into energy ETFs, but investors should see opportunity, as the
and global appetite for energy means the whole sector is quickly becoming a value play.