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Who's Winning The ETF Race?

In a sneak preview from January's Exchange-Traded Funds Report, we look at the state of the ETF industry in 2010.

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Investing Responsibly

A survey of current SRI (ESG) index and passive asset class funds.

ETF Report

 Who’s Winning The ETF Race?

There’s little question: The exchange-traded fund industry is booming. At the end of November 2009, U.S. ETF assets hit a new all-time high, of $752 billion, and inflows into ETFs were set to top $100 billion for the year. Based on prevailing expense ratios alone, the industry was earning $2.62 billion in annual fees.

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Claymore Filing: Equal-Weighting The Wilshire 5000?


Claymore, a company known for providing interesting “satellite” exchange-traded funds, is making a play for the core section of the market.

ETF.com Analysis

Investing With Conviction

I admit it: When I saw the news last week about FaithShares launching two brand-new Christian-themed ETFs, I did a bit of a double take.

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Investing In Obama With ETFs

moves markets with its policy initiatives. Here’s how to be on the right side of the Obama trade.

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Slicing & Dicing Sectors Into Themes

A new type of ETF is becoming popular, offering alternatives to traditional sector funds in targeting different types of companies.

Journal Of Indexes

Better Than Sectors

A look at the benefits of thematic investments