The Ag ETF Price Disconnect

With historically hot and dry weather, agricultural commodities prices have been on fire since the beginning of June, but ETF investors have been left out in the cold.

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The Ag ETF Price Disconnect: Investors Don't Get Spot Prices

Investors must understand what kind of exposure an agricultural ETF has on the futures curves.

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Best/Worst Daily ETF Returns: Cotton ETNs Jump

Cotton ETNs CTNN and BAL were among the top-performing ETPs on Thursday, June 7, as the global stocks rally lost momentum.

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Larry Baer’s Technicals: Soybeans Super-Trending Up, Gold & Silver Trending Down

Our new column takes a technical approach to identifying when to buy and sell in certain markets.

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 Teucrium Debuts Broader Ag Commodity ETF

Teucrium Trading launched a multicommodity ETF in March that invests equally in the company’s four pre-existing, single-commodity ETFs.

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US Commodity Launches Broad Agricultural ETF

U.S. Commodity Funds hopes its latest contango-killing ETF, a broad ag fund, is a hit.

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Teucrium’s Gilbertie: Get Ags With TAGS

Teucrium's new fund-of-funds TAGS targets the four key ag commodities that matter most to the world's supply of food—animal feed and fuel—CIO Sal  Gilbertie says.