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 Teucrium Launches 3 Commodity ETFs

Teucrium Trading rounded out its offering of single-commodity exchange-traded funds in September with offerings targeting wheat, soybeans and sugar.

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Scoville: Corn Growing Into Major Commodity Player

Veteran agriculture and soft commodity specialist says corn moving alongside crude oil as trading heavyweight

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Soybeans: A Buying Opportunity in the Works?

Soybeans may not always seem like the most exciting story in town, but is it time to give this ag staple another look?

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Kona Haque: Bearish On Grains, Bullish On Sugar

Macquarie's ag expert explains why she's bearish on so many agricultural commodities—and where she sees bright spots ahead.


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The Best Bets In Agricultural ETPs

Agricultural commodities have outperformed energy as well as industrial metals in the second quarter, but not all ags are alike. Which sectors now hold the most opportunity for investors?



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The Second Quarter’s Best And Worst Commodities

Which commodity (and its associated ETP) performed the best? (Hint: It wasn't gold.) Which performed the worst? We run the numbers to find out.


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Are Grain Prices Finally Ready To Rally?

As China buys up U.S. corn for the first time in four years, how will the purchase affect grain prices in the near future?
  • Why China wants U.S. corn
  • Can the higher prices continue?
  • Will soybeans and wheat also rally?

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Using Grains To Diversify Your Portfolio

Oil and gold get all the press, but grains—the stepchild of commodities—can really help diversify your portfolio.
  • Diversification: how 5 different grains stack up
  • One good fund for ag exposure
  • Don’t be fooled by ‘no correlation’