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The Soy Game

Soybeans are supposed to do great in a recession, just not this one. Is that turning around?
  •  The tragedy of the rearview mirror
  •  Diminishing stocks
  •  The biodiesel future

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Recessionary Commodities

Last week's interview with Tom Fernandes from GreenHaven Commodity Services pointed to a Yale study on recessionary commodities. We dig in...

  • The power of sugar
  • Signal value: How far are we though the recession?
  • The big caveat

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Bunge’s Bungee

Agricultural company Bunge reported terrible, terrible earnings last Thursday, and the stock popped up like a cork. Huh?
  • The importance of forecasts
  • Bunge's future exposure
  • Soybean expectations

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Bean Battle Brewing

There's a battle brewing in soybeans:
between the American Soybean Association and the United Soybean Board.
  • Who the heck are these guys?
  • What's the problem?
  • Why should you care?

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Considering China

PodcastAssociate Editor Dave Nadig talks with Kevin Kerr about the giant Chinese stimulus package, the potential for more OPEC cuts, and whether Jim Rogers is right to be sweet on sugar.


HAINovember 11, 2008

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Beware: Harvest Moon Rising

The harvest moon is coming, and with that, the first frost of the year. What does it mean for ag crops?
  • An early frost could have big impact
  • Soybeans, corn at risk
  • What the weatherman's saying now

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Bearishly Bullish On Corn

HardAssetsInvestor.com's Managing Editor Brad Zigler unearths what the recent Midwest flooding means for crop harvesting, in dollars and cents.
  • Comparing flood years
  • What's the upside?
  • The behavior of wheat

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Ag Update

We're in prime USDA report season, the seeds are going in the ground and investors are waffling.

  • Aftermath of the prospective plantings report
  • Crop progress and the biofuels update
  • The rice crisis