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A Bumper Crop Of Agricultural Products

Managing editor of HardAssetsInvestor.com
Brad Zigler talks turkey about the plethora of
ag products coming to market.

  • Well-timed bonanza
  • Volume tells the story
  • The ETN skew


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Soybeans & Roller Coasters

Soybean prices whipsawed last week, as consumers weigh one oil against another in the era of food price inflation.
  • The nature of the rise and fall
  • Palm oil – the cheap spoiler
  • China (surprise!)

HAIMarch 11, 2008

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SBUX = Coffee

Starbucks has been a pretty terrible place to be lately. But don’t blame the poor Arabica bean.

  • Coffee 101
  • The China connection
  • Is Starbucks’ stock correlated with coffee prices?

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The New GreenHaven Commodity ETF Examined

A new ETF tied to the old CRB index offers a different take on the commodities market.

  • Huge focus on agriculture and softs
  • How it compares to GSG and DBC
  • Watch the expenses carefully

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An Interview With ‘Trader Vic’

Victor Sperandeo … aka “Trader Vic” … is one of the most famous commodity traders in the world. In an exclusive HAI interview, he offers his insights on the best opportunities in the commodities market today.
  • Gold is going to $1,000/ounce … soon.
  • Almost nothing can stop the commodities boom.
  • Oil is not the place for aggressive traders.

HAIJanuary 14, 2008

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Not So Sweet: U.S. Sugar Sales To Asia Unlikely To See Boom

Will the U.S. find future prosperity in selling low-tech commodities abroad to countries manufacturing high-tech products?

  • The situation with sugar indicates otherwise
  • A global sugar surplus continues
  • Stiff competition from other countries

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An Interview With Michael Metz

Michael Metz, chief investment strategist for Oppenheimer & Company, lays out his opinions on each segment of the commodities market.

  • Bullish on oil, bearish on alternative energy
  • The dollar has hit bottom
  • Agriculture looks good, gold may look better


HAIDecember 06, 2007

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An Interview With Wesley Karger

Wesley Karger manages money for some of the wealthiest families in the world. He spoke with HAI about commodities.

  • An important part of all portfolios
  • Playing the “reflation” theme
  • Is China a bubble?

HAINovember 05, 2007