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An Interview With Michael Metz

Michael Metz, chief investment strategist for Oppenheimer & Company, lays out his opinions on each segment of the commodities market.

  • Bullish on oil, bearish on alternative energy
  • The dollar has hit bottom
  • Agriculture looks good, gold may look better


HAIDecember 06, 2007

Features and News

An Interview With Wesley Karger

Wesley Karger manages money for some of the wealthiest families in the world. He spoke with HAI about commodities.

  • An important part of all portfolios
  • Playing the “reflation” theme
  • Is China a bubble?

HAINovember 05, 2007

Features and News

Soaring Soy?

With ethanol booming, farmers are planting more corn. And if they plant more corn, they'll plant fewer soybeans. Will the biodiesel boomlet send prices soaring?

  • An early market
  • Follow the VC money
  • Alternative plays

HAIMarch 01, 2007