S&P 500 High Beta Index ETF Overview

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Many ETF Ways To Own S&P 500

In the vast universe of ETFs, plain vanilla is only one of the flavors you can choose from.

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Salt Financial Plans ETF

Fund expected to exhibit higher volatility and outperform the broad market in bullish scenarios.

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Actively Managed ETFs Just Had A Great Month

Inflows to active funds in January grew at a quicker pace than usual.

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Daily ETF Watch: More S&P 500 Smart Beta

PowerShares plans three more smart-beta funds derived from the S&P 500.

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SPLV Vs. SPHB: Risk Aversion Paying Off

In the past year, opting for a low volatility take on the S&P 500 has been a better bet than choosing high risk.

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Daily ETF Watch: Smart Beta S&P 500 Fund

PowerShares plans another S&P 500-based smart-beta ETF, this one targeting low volatility and low rate sensitivity.

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‘Smart Beta’: Bridging Active Vs. Passive

In a world divided into active and passive camps, ‘smart beta’ is emerging as an interesting middle ground.

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4 Of The Biggest Risks Related To ETFs

Looking under the hood of any fund you own can prevent a lot of surprises.

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Nadig: Hougan’s Misguided SPHB Pick

If you want higher-risk exposure on the S&P, SPHB isn’t really the best choice, Nadig says.