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Weekly Returns: Uranium ETF On Fire

News of a reboot in Japanese nuclear reactors sent one uranium ETF to double-digit gains.

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Hougan: Biotech ETFs In A Bubble

Biotech ETFs are going parabolic. Are they in a bubble, and when should you bail out?

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Weekly ETF Returns: Biotech ETFs Climb

One biotech ETF climbed double digits in the week ended Thursday, Jan. 9.

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Weekly ETF Returns: Emerging Markets Up

Emerging market ETFs rallied in the week ended Thursday, Oct. 10 as the D.C. standoff stretched on a second week.

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Biotech ETF Among 2013 Best Performers

Multiple factors are setting the sector up for further growth in 2014.

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Best ETFs In 2013: DBJP, Tesla-Fueled QCLN

The latest tally of year-to-date top-10-performing ETFs include Japan, clean energy and biotech funds, to name a few.

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Best/Worst Weekly ETF Returns: Biotech Soars On HIV Breakthrough

Biotech funds topped performance on HIV research breakthrough, while gold miners funds fell.