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Bulls Vs. Bears: Taking Sides On China

The country’s volatile stock market divides the opinion of market analysts.

ETF Strategist Corner

For Now, Spell Emerging Markets A-S-I-A

Apart from Asia, the emerging markets are a thorny thicket these days, but ETFs allow investors to cleanly parse access.

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Growth Just Part Of The Investment Story

Sound investment usually means focusing on broad themes rather than the narrow.

ETF Strategist Corner

ETF Investors Now Ought To Look At Asia

As investors look beyond the U.S. after a six-year rally, Asia looms large.

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The Most Overlooked Country ETF On Earth

A closer look at a neglected China ETF whose time has clearly come.

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Merk: Opportunity In China; Still Bullish On Euro

With volatility on the rise, Merk warns traditional safe-haven currencies won't provide much of a safety net: 'There's no place to hide.'

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Alibaba IPO’s Huge ETF Conundrum

Where ETF investors can find Alibaba shares is no simple matter.

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Watch China As Emerging Markets Bounce

As the emerging markets come back into favor, investors need to tune in closely to China.