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 New SPDR provides BRIC exposure

The SPDR S&P BRIC 40 ETF (AMEX:BIK), which began trading June 22, 2007, tracks the S&P BRIC 40 index, considered the dominant BRIC benchmark for institutional mandates. It holds 40 stocks, representing the largest and most liquid securities in Brazil, Russia, India and China, which trade on developed market exchanges (Hong Kong Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and NYSE). BIK hasan expense ratio of 40 basis points.

ETF Report

 SPDRs go international

Even though investors were momentarily gun shy about investing internationally after February’s Shanghai Surprise, interest in gaining exposure to ex-US stocks has once again gained its former allure. Ready to meet the demand is a suite of six recently launched emerging market SPDRs. All six are listed on the American Stock Exchange, track Standard & Poor’s indexes, and charge 60 basis points in expenses.

ETF Report

 SPDRs expand, six emerging market ETFs debut

State Street Global Advisors unveiled six emerging markets SPDRs at the end of March. These ETFs are competitively priced at 60 basis points apiece and track the relevant float-adjusted S&P/Citigroup Broad Market index for their region. They are: Emerging Markets (AMEX: GMM), Emerging Asia Pacific (AMEX: GMF), China (AMEX: GXC), Emerging Europe (AMEX: GUR), Emerging Latin America (AMEX: GML), Middle East and Africa (AMEX: GAF).

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State Street Emerges

SSgA continues the expansion of its ETF line-up with six emerging markets funds.