DB’s Innovative China A-Share ETF

German bank breaks new ground in providing ETF access to China’s markets.

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China’s Fortunes Fading Into Crisis

As China’s economic growth falters, investors are faced with tough choices ahead.

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Chinese Credit Market Adds To Fed Jitters

Spiking rates in short-term Chinese credit markets stoke memories of the scary autumn of 2008.

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KraneShares: ETFs Open Door To China

KraneShares, the upstart ETF firm focused only on China, says it can make the case for the Middle Kingdom like no other.

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Hougan On CNBC: Top 5 ETF Picks For 2013

Emerging markets are hot, but choosing the right ETF can make them even hotter, IU’s Hougan says. Analysis

ETFs For A Resurgent China

China is on the mend, and ETF investors have a growing number of funds to choose from. Analysis

Matt Hougan’s ‘Top 5’ ETF Picks For 2013

What's a die-hard indexer to do in 2013 with the portion of his principal devoted to speculative picks? Analysis

FXI And EWJ: Two Overrated ETF Giants

Just because a fund is big doesn’t mean it’s best in its class.