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The Complete Guide To Chinese Share Classes

A host of Chinese share classes make it clear that the devil really is in the details for foreigners investing in the Middle Kingdom.

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Behind the ‘PGJ Incident’

On July 17, PGJ, the 4th-largest China ETF by assets, fell more than 4 percent, while its competitors—FXI, GXC, and MCHI—posted positive gains for the day. What happened?

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Why PGJ Fell 4% Tues, As China ETFs Rose

Investors in China got whiplashed yesterday as Internet-heavy PGJ got dragged down by a budding corruption story.

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FXI’s Not The Best China ETF

When it comes to China ETFs, pay close attention to the details, because investing in China is tricky, and the most popular fund—the $4.8 billion FXI—might not be the best option.

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Hougan On CNBC: 6 Surprising ETF Picks

Avoid these six ETFs and look at these other six instead, IndexUniverse’s Hougan tells CNBC.

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 Choose The Right BRICs For Your Portfolio

With Europe collapsing and the U.S. muddling along, many investors may look to emerging markets for their next move. One area with special appeal is the BRICs—Brazil, Russia, India and China.