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As Shanghai Index Plunges, FXP Trading Soars

As stocks in China & Asia tumble, ETF FXP sees trading soar.

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All-Cap China ETF: Something Different?

Proposed all-caps China ETF would enter an already much-contested field.

ETF Report

 Breaking Down BRIC

Data on the BRIC Nations...

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Van Eck Files For First A-Shares China ETF

New Market Vectors ETFs would deal mainly in A-shares by initially using swaps and derivatives to gain access. 

ETF.com Analysis

SPY And DIA Set To Run As Trucks Full Of Cash Pull Out Of Baghdad?

Can I take a moment to be indignant, to be infuriated at where we find ourselves?

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Is Decoupling Done?

A review of 2008 uncovers reasons to believe that emerging markets will regain their form as a strong diversification tool for U.S. ETF investors. 

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Sorting Through China ETF Choices

By increasing exposure to emerging markets and China, investors may be focusing on return enhancement rather than volatility reduction.

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Four ETFs Celebrating A Merry Santa Claus Rally

Global telecom ETF stages a technical breakout on strong volume. Could ETFs focused on China, Hong Kong and SPY be far behind?