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Smith: Equity ETF Investors Defensive

What does getting defensive look like for ETF investors facing a pullback?

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Approval Of Cape Wind Project Stirs Investors

The U.S. government approved a big wind energy project off Massachusetts last week after nine years of deliberations—a sobering fact suggesting investors shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the industry to take off, even though clean energy ETF prices popped up on the news.

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Nusbaum Adds To Tech Positions Despite Doubts

Portfolio manager isn't convinced of the current rally's staying power. But he's sticking to his guns.

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Biotech, Utilities Help Withstand Storm

Private accounts manager also building reserves with eye on solar and alternative energy stocks once investment climate improves.

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The Long Road: No Mirage In Phoenix

The weather's not the only part of this growing community that's hot right now. So is the local interest in ETFs and index investing.

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ETF Fund Flows Report: Week Ending 2/8/08

Investors pulled $4.7 billion out of ETFs in the past week.

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Global Warning

There are many ways to Dublin - but not all are cheap.

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 Global sector iShares trade

Five new global sector iShares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange at the end of September.

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BGI launched its long-awaited commodities ETF onto the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The new iShares GSCI Commodity- Indexed Trust trades under the ticker symbol "GSG," and tracks the performance of the GSCI Excess Return Index.