Why I Won’t Be Buying TAGS

What’s a worse idea than buying four expensive single-commodity ETFs? Buying an even more expensive ETF that holds those four expensive single-commodity ETFs.

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Teucrium Debuts Broader Ag Commodity ETF

Teucrium adds fund-of-funds ETF made up of all the ag ETFs it has launched so far.

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 Teucrium Launches 3 Commodity ETFs

Teucrium Trading rounded out its offering of single-commodity exchange-traded funds in September with offerings targeting wheat, soybeans and sugar. Analysis

Will Teucrium’s New ETFs Fly?

Teucrium's three new single-commodity ETFs, targeting soybeans, sugar and wheat are first-to-market products. But will anybody care?

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Scoville: Corn Growing Into Major Commodity Player

Veteran agriculture and soft commodity specialist says corn moving alongside crude oil as trading heavyweight

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The Commodity Investor: Finding Sugar’s Sweet Spot

Watching developments in Brazil is crucial for investors looking to profit from commodities’ movements.