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The Definitive Guide To 2014 ETF Taxation

With the recent tax filing deadline, we reiterate the importance of understanding how different ETFs are taxed.

ETF Strategist Corner

Smith: Equity ETF Investors Defensive

What does getting defensive look like for ETF investors facing a pullback?

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Guggenheim Launches Singaporean Dollar ETF

A new CurrencyShares Singapore ETF deepens Guggenheim’s lineup.

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iShares: Fees On 40 ETFs Won't Be Rising

Is iShares really saying it’s raising expense ratios on 40 ETFs in 2013? Apparently not.

ETF.com Analysis

If Euro Dies, Franc Will Rise

A few weeks ago, we all looked in awe as the 10-year U.S. Treasury yields sank to a record low. You won’t be as awed once you see what’s going on in Switzerland.

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Investor FX: Brazil ETFs Hurt By Weak Real

A weakening Brazilian real is killing returns for U.S.-based investors in funds like EWZ.

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Swiss Franc Peg At Risk Of Breaking

After 7 months of the Swiss franc’s peg to the euro, investor demand is forcing the peg to reach its limits and challenging the Swiss National Bank to act.