How Greece Is Affecting Your Portfolio

Greece is a mess, and it may be impacting your portfolio in unexpected ways.

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McCall’s Call: Eurozone Woes Spell G-L-D

A close look at Europe suggests that, for now, it may be time to lay low.

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McCall’s Call: Playing The Dollar’s Fall

A slew of ETFs can keep investors from stumbling as the dollar falls.

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McCall’s Call: ETF Mideast Protection Kit

With markets spooked by chaos in oil-rich Libya, it’s time for ETF investors to review a few options.

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Arnott: The RAFI Five-Year Scorecard

RAFI strategies may play an important role as a low-cost 'core' part of investors' equity portfolios.

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BlackRock Cuts Expenses On 34 ETFs

iShares cuts fees on 34 foreign funds, including EEM.

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McCall’s Call: Winning Developed-Market ETFs

Who said developed-world equities are in the dumps? You just haven’t looked closely enough at ETFs canvassing single countries, such as