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Smart Beta Fuels Best Performing Emerging Market ETFs

When it comes to total market strategies, relatively small emerging market ETFs are leading the way.

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Yusko: Japan Surges As India Stalls; Don’t Fear Russian Fund RSX

Japan may be heating up, but currency-hedging exposure has taken on a less important role than last year.

ETF Strategist Corner

For Now, Spell Emerging Markets A-S-I-A

Apart from Asia, the emerging markets are a thorny thicket these days, but ETFs allow investors to cleanly parse access.

ETF Strategist Corner

ETF Investors Now Ought To Look At Asia

As investors look beyond the U.S. after a six-year rally, Asia looms large.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: 2 Firms Make Fee Changes

iShares and Vanguard announce changes to their ETFs’ fees.

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Reasons To Invest In Taiwan Mounting

Amid all nail-biting surrounding the global recovery, tech-heavy Taiwan keeps chugging along.

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iShares: Fees On 40 ETFs Won't Be Rising

Is iShares really saying it’s raising expense ratios on 40 ETFs in 2013? Apparently not.

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Best/Worst Weekly ETF Returns: EGPT Tanks

Political uncertainties have investors jittery about their exposure to Egypt.