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 What's The Best Global ETF?

At first glance it seems odd that broad-based global ETFs are relative newcomers to the ETF scene. After all, wouldn't it seem logical to offer a one-stop-shopping fund right off the bat? And yet the first ETFs of this kind didn't start showing up until 2007. The fact that three of the most dominant ETFs—EEM, EFA and SPY—together cover that territory no doubt cooled any sense of urgency. Analysis

Zero-Fee ETFs: A Good Bargain?

Everyone expected lower prices when big names like Charles Schwab and Pimco entered the ETF playground. But now, it's just getting nuts.

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Asia's Growth Raising Prospects In Smaller Markets

While China and India grab the spotlight, a number of  less-known Asian markets are growing at a pace that U.S. investors might want to note. Analysis

Cliffs Notes on ETF Families

Due to the popularity of my look atETFs by revenues, I've broken down fund families by revenues, average and meanERs. While you may intuitively know some of this data, some of the results maysurprise you. Analysis

ETF Data Geeks Dream Table II

In writing my blog, I've put together some very interesting data about the actual size, revenue-wise, of the U.S. ETF industry.

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The Long Road: Emerging Markets A Safer Haven?

Latin America and parts of Asia are expected to outperform developed markets through year-end as U.S. economy slides.

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Taiwan: The Next ETF Hot Spot?

The Taiwan Stock Exchange anticipates a wave of listings in the first half, an FT article says.