ETF Scary Monsters & Super Freaks

No need for the horror movies, these ETFs will keep you up all night.

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 Winners & Losers In Commodities

Selecting a broad-based commodity ETF is not as simple as in equities as they differ so greatly. Analysis

Highest Fee ETFs—Where The Money Goes

Funds with the highest fees reflect the costs of the strategy, not of the management.

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Commodity ETFs Sail Choppy Seas This Year

Overabundance of supplies, strong dollar and other factors have made it a tough year for most commodity funds.

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Geopolitical Risk Hits Agriculture ETFs

Russian import bans are impacting agriculture ETFs.

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Gartman: Buy Aluminum, Coal & Fracking Suppliers

Buying wheat and selling corn is the best ag trade, while buying WTI and selling Brent is looking more attractive.

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8 Commodity Predictions For The Rest Of 2014

We take a look at key areas of the commodity markets.

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America’s Riskiest ETFs

Here are the most volatile funds in the last 90 days.