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Teucrium Launches 3 Commodity ETFs

Teucrium, looking to build on the success of CORN, rolls out ETFs targeting wheat, soybeans and sugar.

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McCall’s Call: Wait For Dip, Then Buy Gold, Corn

As the markets continue to swing, these commodities look promising.

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Teucrium Plans Broad Ag ETF

Teucrium plans a four-for-the-price-of-one agricultural fund-of-funds ETF.

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Gilbertie: Contango Killers To Die For

Single-commodity ETFs are real alpha generators, Teucrium’s Gilbertie says.

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Illinois-Based Millington Wants To Offer ETFs

A little-known Illinois firm seeks to join the world of ETFs, with plans for a frontier-ish equity fund.

ETF Report

 Teucrium Debuts Crude Oil ETF

Teucrium Trading launched its third futures-based commodity ETF in the latter half of February. The Teucrium WTI Crude Oil Fund (NYSE Arca: CRUD) seeks to smooth out returns by simultaneously holding three different NYMEX crude contracts at any given time.

Features and News

Teucrium Rolls Out Crude Oil ETF

Teucrium jumps into wild world of crude with a new futures-based ETF.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: SPY Leads, VWO Bleeds

SPY fuels growth in total ETF assets on Wednesday, Feb. 9, as VWO gets caught up in Egypt-related worry and loses some assets.