Smart Beta Grows In Commodity ETFs

A new index from Dow Jones and RAFI addresses a real issue. Analysis

The Best Commodity Broad Basket ETF?

When GreenHaven’s commodity fund wins a best-in-class award, what does ‘best’ really mean? Analysis

The Cheapest ETF Portfolio

It's hard to believe, but the world's cheapest ETF just got a whole lot cheaper, as in below 0.10 percent.

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GreenHaven Plans Futures-Based Coal ETF

GreenHaven cooks up plans for a first-ever futures-based coal ETF.

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Balancing Out Commodity Exposure In ETFs

When it comes to commodities ETFs, investors may find it difficult to maintain a level exposure between metals, soft commodities and energy. But using the right exchange-traded products can help create balance, according to an article on Barrons.

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 Broad Commodities ETPs Face Crowded Field

One thing is certain: There’s no shortage of broad-based exchange-traded products tracking the commodities futures market. There are 10 currently trading, including ETNs and ETFs, ranging in age from just a few months to nearly five years. The good thing about all the choices is that there’s something to suit the needs of pretty much any investor, but all those choices also mean more work for the investor.

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The Three C’s Of Commodity ETF Returns

What really drives returns for commodity ETFs? It's all a matter of composition, contango and compounding.