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Investors Shorting Real Estate, Retail, Small-Caps

Measuring short interest can be a tricky affair, but the latest report shows clearly that right now a lot of investors are pretty bearish on retail, real estate and small-cap stocks.

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Stein Sees Light At End Of Tunnel For U.S. Economy

Noted economist and manager expects a broad recovery by the fourth quarter. And he's dipping into sectors already showing strength.  

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First Airlines ETF In U.S. Takes Flight

Although gaining first-market-mover status, FAA will have to fly against some more-established and diversified transportation ETFs. 

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Claymore Plans To Launch First Airlines ETF

With the recent transportation-themed launches, Claymore seems to be trying to develop a theme around the sector.

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Pioneering Active Bond ETF Shuttered

One of the first active bond ETFs, the Bear Stearns Current Yield Fund (AMEX: YYY), has thrown in the towel after an unsuccessful launch. The Board of Trustees of Bear Stearns' Active ETF Trust voted unanimously to liquidate the fund.

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PowerShares Goes Global In Transportation, Biotech

While not first in either sector, the new ETFs offer portfolios with U.S. as well as international exposures to stocks.

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Greenback Rebound Is A Game-Changer

One advisor says the dollar's rebound means it's time to rejigger your portfolio.