Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Pluses Of Canada Bitcoin ETF’s Slump

Also, a look at how the ETF structure could exacerbate some of ARK’s downsides.

Index Investor Corner

Beware Of Sci-Fi Portfolios

Bells and whistles aren’t always music to the ear when it comes to building a portfolio.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Bitcoin Headed To $1M?

Plus, ARK’s flagship ETF is in its worst slide in years.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETF Demand Relentless, $74B In April

U.S.-listed ETFs have taken in $320 billion in new assets so far this year after April's deluge of inflows.

Weekly ETF Flows

Treasury ETFs Boost Weekly Inflows

Investors added $1.5 billion to their U.S.-listed ETF holdings this week.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: ETFs Causing ‘Climate Chaos’?

Also, a look at Canada’s growing lead over the U.S. regarding crypto ETFs.

Weekly ETF Flows

Junk Bond ETF Unlikely Inflow Leader

'HYG' comes back from the falling demand in a big way as overall demand continues.


ETF Prime Podcast: Huge Inflows, Growth Vs. Value & 'IVOL'

Plus, spotlighting value rotation.